New In-Home Programs

I am happy to let you know that people are responding very well to my new programs where I come to you! You select the time and place. Invite your friends and neighbors. I come to you. For all the details and program content, click here. God … [Read more...]

Numerology and Psychic Readings at Event!

In these rapidly changing times, we must remain diligent  in controlling our own experiences through understanding the power of our thoughts and other energies available to us. We have enormous personal power to affect our own lives and the lives of … [Read more...]

Not All Conspiracies are Bad

Somewhere along the line in the development of our language, the word conspiracy took on a totally negative connotation.  Let's not forget that definition number two in the dictionary is simply to work together toward one end. Every day I see … [Read more...]

When God Opens a Window

When God Opens a Window Every now and then opportunities arise. They may result from an unfortunate situation or fall into your life like the settling of dew on rich soil.  Nonetheless, stick your head out that window, breathe in the fresh air and … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions

I cannot think of a better way to begin blogging than by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!   I believe it is both healthy and helpful to think of this time of year as a new start – of sorts. A time of review and … [Read more...]