Not All Conspiracies are Bad

Somewhere along the line in the development of our language, the word conspiracy took on a totally negative connotation.  Let’s not forget that definition number two in the dictionary is simply to work together toward one end. Every day I see examples of how the Universe uses seemingly random events to conspire toward making something wonderful happen. It happens for me and it happens for you. We are all guided and we are all watched over. There is great value in recognizing this and giving thanks for it. Here is the story of a flat tire.  It is a simple but delightful story of how God can conspire to use the wants and needs of total strangers to work together to serve everyone well.

I was traveling east on the interstate when I felt and heard a noise at the front right corner of my car.  I was instantly “off the gas” and checking the traffic around me. Then thump, thump, thump. It was a blow out. There I was in rush hour in one of the heaviest traffic areas of Phoenix. I tried not to get upset because the simple fact that I had pulled off the road safely was enough to stay positive. I got out of the car on my passenger side to look at the tire. The rubber was still on the rim so I decided to creep up the emergency lane to the next exit which was my exit to go home anyway. I pulled in the first parking lot after the exit ramp. I checked the damage, made a couple of phone calls, and found comfort in the fact that I was only a mile and a half from home.

I was about to place a call to my roadside assistance when a young man in a pickup truck pulled in, jumped out of his truck, and offered to help. He seemed eager and had a big smile on his face. I thanked him but told him I was close to home and all was well so he really didn’t need to get all dirty or take the time.  He insisted. I had never in my life seen anyone so eager to change a tire.  He said he drove by me up on the highway but couldn’t stop in time so he went all the way to the next exit, turned around, had to go in the opposite then turn around again, and when he got to where he first saw me I was gone. He made the assumption that I had driven to the first exit so he exited also. He had not seen me in the parking lot at first so he went farther up the street and turned around. Just as he was about to give up and take the ramp back on the highway, he saw me.  I was impressed!  No one had ever stalked me just to change my tire!

I once again thanked him for his incredible effort and kindness and was about to once again tell him it wasn’t necessary when he said something like this:  A couple of months ago my wife had a flat tire on the highway.  She couldn’t reach me but someone stopped and helped her and kept her safe and I promised God the next time I saw a lady with a flat tire I was going to stop and help.

I smiled, stood back, and let this young man joyously go about keeping his promise of gratitude to God.  It was actually wonderful to watch.

But how do you think this conspiracy played out? Did his wife have a flat tire just to trigger events that would eventually help me? Did I have a flat only to satisfy the need in this man’s heart to repay a kindness? Who was the man who fixed his wife’s flat?  Was he repaying or paying it forward? I propose there is no beginning or end of cause and effect in this universe. But I believe there is a Master Intelligence ever watching and lining it all up in perfect poetic justice.

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God bless