Lois Enochs, though raised in Ohio, has also lived and worked in Europe, Texas and Arizona where she currently resides.

     While employed by the Department of Defense, Lois was awarded an Air Force Commendation Medal, the Inspector General’s Professional Performer Award, and was hand picked for an assignment in Europe. After twenty-one years of service she chose to work in the private sector where she helped develop an expanding retail chain in San Antonio; was business operations manager for telecommunications at a major hospital system in Dallas; and launched a U.S. sales and distribution company in Phoenix for a German corporation.

     Following a serious car accident, she found herself with time to reflect and write. It was time to do something more creative so Lois immersed herself in photographic art as well as writing her stories as friends had encouraged her to do for many years. Stories of everyday miracles working in our life – how to create and recognize them.

In Miracles Only Come in One Size she shares with you a variety of her extraordinary experiences. In Somewhere Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea she tells the story of a friend who was washed overboard from a navy tanker, his amazing near death experience, and eventual rescue.


Miracles Only Come in One Size

Empowering true stories of everyday miracles.

A fantastic read! says
Catherine Ponder

Somewhere Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea

An incredible near death experience and spiritual transformation.