Professional Endorsements

“A fantastic read!” 

Catherine Ponder
Award winning, inspirational author of 
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

“As the science of medicine is growing more sophisticated, we’re learning that the unseen world around us and within us has great importance to our healing. In this book Lois Enochs gives us examples and tools from her life so we can access this healing power. This information is important as we move towards true healing.”

Gladys McGarey, M.D.(H)

Recognized as the mother of holistic medicine
Author of Born to Live

“Having known Lois Enochs for more than twenty years and sharing so many of her experiences, it is a joy for me that she is sharing those experiences with others. I have always felt as if she could write in a way to reach individuals that would give them insights to their own spiritual paths and journeys. It is done.”

Karen Fletcher
Acclaimed psychic and medium

Miracles Only Come in One Size has a unique way of informing readers about their personal creative power. Through her own amazing experiences the author conveys that indeed anyone can create and experience everyday miracles. These experiences include a near death episode, an apparent visit by an angel, and finding the perfect home or work situation. They reveal miraculous outcomes in situations we all encounter on a regular basis.

These true accounts (intertwined with the Universal Laws that brought them about) create a very readable combination of stories and how-to’s. They aptly reveal how our thoughts, words, and behavior create our every circumstance – intentionally or unintentionally.

This book won’t leave you thinking, “Why don’t things like that happen to me?”  You will be saying, “I can do that!”


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