Miracles Only Come in One Size

I am done reading and wanted to thank you for putting this book together.  I feel like my sister and mother should also read this book asap.” says Cathy in Norman, Oklahoma.

“I love every chapter.  I am not able to stop reading, I find something important in every chapter,” says Linda in New York.

Denise in Phoenix, “Your book is fantastic, I just started it last night and….”

“Just halfway through and I can’t put it down.  I enjoy it so much, it has inspired me”  is a short excerpt from Ron in Ohio.

OK, how do I start?  I got the book Tuesday afternoon, and finished it last night.  Let me say wow, wow, wow.  Bonnie in Ohio

I am almost finished with your book and I have really been enjoying it.  You share a lot of wisdom in that small package.  Mark in Arizona

Hello Lois,  O M G what a blessing you and your book are to me.  I started the book in Vermont and finished it out here at my new residence in Sun City AZ.  I sent my copy to another blessing Diana Hebert Moultroup author of  “Life Goes On”, and several cook books.   I am feeling “reincarnated”. My favorite part of your book-ALL OF IT-  seriously I left Vermont the lighted path shown this way, here I am in AZ, and  I have purpose to my life again thanks to the courage and strength your book gave me.  Deborah