When God Opens a Window

When God Opens a Window

Every now and then opportunities arise. They may result from an unfortunate situation or fall into your life like the settling of dew on rich soil.  Nonetheless, stick your head out that window, breathe in the fresh air and observe the scenery with new eyes.  It is a gift.  

Whatever you do, do not fear change. You cannot have progress, promotion, joy, or advancement of spirit and wisdom without change. My guess would be that opportunities of any type which are passed over, are regretted 90% of the time.  I would also guess that an opportunity seized is very seldom viewed as the wrong choice.

We will never know the road NOT taken, but we will always wonder about it.  Avoid a life of perpetual “what if” and seize every moment of change, advancement and new experiences that pop up.  Consider all opportunity rationally, but without fear.  

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God Bless