New Year’s Resolutions

I cannot think of a better way to begin blogging than by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!


I believe it is both healthy and helpful to think of this time of year as a new start – of sorts. A time of review and commitment to do better, and devote more effort to living up to our own expectations.


The beauty of this is that it is such a universal concept. No matter if life is going well or not, if we are financially sound or not, if we are emotionally satisfied or not, we have all fallen short in some manner leaving room for improvement in our actions toward others as well as achieving our own goals.


I remember when New Year’s Resolutions were as much a part of the holidays as buying presents. It was just as exciting and just as important. Sometimes we shared them and sometimes we didn’t, but sooner or later we figured out that not sharing worked better. It was largely through this annual resolution ritual that I first realized the power of secrecy. Understanding the spiritual concepts behind this would come later.


Resolutions are affirmations. It is the putting forth of energy using our thoughts and words – using them emphatically and following up with action! It is a declaration of things to come and that energy will manifest if done properly. Sharing often disrupts this energy as it is then co-mingled with the thought energy of others. This may or may not support your goals.


Ironically, some of your closest friends or family will unintentionally aid in your failure to accomplish…if only by compassionately expressing limited thinking such as “she will be so disappointed when that doesn’t work out.” 


Hold your resolutions close, know all will be well, and simply smile as people begin to notice the improvements or changes you accomplish. This life is your vessel. Take the helm and man the wheel. Let your thoughts, not the thoughts of others, direct your course.


God bless.