White Dove Rising Event, March 30th

I’m happy to announce the addition of two guest speakers to our program on March 30th here in Phoenix, Arizona. The following paragraphs are very brief descriptions of who will be presenting.  After reading, please follow the links to learn more.

I will be telling true stories of everyday miracles, how we create them and the tremendous power of our own thoughts, words and emotions (www.LoisAEnochs.com). Jamie Clark (www.JamieClark.net) will be assisting the audience in getting in touch with their own psychic self as well as doing some mini-readings for the audience. And Jim Bowman will provide a trance channel session you won’t want to miss. All three programs are designed to be interactive and we are limiting the number of attendees to facilitate that interaction. 

Many who seek understanding of spiritual law, or look for reasons to believe there is life after what we call death, have come to that point following the loss of a loved one. We have added to the program, Mark Ireland (www.MarkIrelandAuthor.com) and Karla Whelchel (www.KarlaKay.us), who will talk about their inspiring experiences following loss.  I’m sure Mark will share some insights as to what it was like to grow up with one of the most famous psychics of all time. Be sure to follow the link on Mark’s site to view video of his father, Richard Ireland, on television. You will be absolutely amazed. I strongly encourage you to review both Karla and Mark’s websites for information about their wonderful work.  

For event details, to sign up for email information, or to register, go to the White Dove Rising page on my website. 

Please share this information with all your friends.  

Thank you, and God bless.