Schedule for March 30, 2013

White Dove Rising Event Schedule

                   Program Schedule


          9:00      Lois Enochs – International Author and Speaker

                                   Book Title: Miracles Only Come in One Size
                                   Book Title: Somewhere Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea
                                   Spiritual Advisor and Numerologist


        10:20      Drawings (for two consultations – Lois & Jamie)


        10:30      Jamie Clark – Psychic Medium

                                      Featured on TV’s “America’s Psychic Challenge” series
                                      Psychic and Mediumship Consultations


        11:45      Drawings (for books)


 12:00 – 1:30      Lunch


          1:30      Mark Ireland – Author and Speaker

                                        Book Title: Finding Where the Dead Go
                                        Book Title: Developing Your Psychic Power (Written by
                                        Mark’s father, Richard Ireland, famed 20th century
                                        Psychic Medium. The manuscript recently surfaced and
                                        was brought to publication by Mark.)

          2:15      Karla Kay – Author and Speaker

                                      Book Title: Grief: The Universal Emotion of Loss
                                      Grief Advisor and Coach


          3:00      Break and Final Drawing (for consultation with Jim Bowman)


          3:15      James Bowman – Trance Channel

                                     Channels Messages of Divine Love and Peace
                                     Private and Group Consultations
   4:30 – 5:30         Social Hour
                                    This is a time to mix and mingle, ask questions, buy books,
                                    get signatures, and converse in a more casual setting. Drinks are
                                    available from the bar just across the lobby which may be
                                    brought back to the meeting area.